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Okay here’s the thing - I believe in God. I’m catholic. But I don’t believe in necessarily having to pray every day, and having God help you with every little thing you need. I used to pray every single day for the things I needed, not wanted. Like a good night’s sleep because I had insomnia, or for happiness since I had depression. But I never really got any of that, until I got up off my ass and started trying to help myself, rather than trying to rely on God.

The point here is, I believe in God. But people only believe in him for the wrong reasons - to help them when they need him. He still exists when you don’t need him, but many don’t take notice unless they are in need. And I don’t believe in asking God for help. If you have problems in your life, the only way to fix it is to do it yourself. Every action you do and every decision you make solely comes from your own brain, your own heart.

So I’ve learnt that if I need something, I mustn’t ask. I just simply have to go look for it myself. 

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